Weekly Dose of Fat – 12-7-12

Global Fat-bike Day is behind us but you can still relive it in pictures as readers have been sending pix in all week that we’ve added to the Global Fat-bike Day Gallery. Lots of folks are already looking forward to next year!

There is a big Fat-bike Happening in Minneapolis this weekend at Freewheel. Check it out if you can!

Got (Fat)-bike Mojo? We’ve got a contest going here and Bob Korn from Bob Korn Imaging has offered up one of his prints as a prize! Check out Bob’s other fat-bike photos at: Here is what the print will look like only it is 11×24 and suitable for framing!

We’ve also got several new T-shirt and Hoodie designs over at the Fat-bike Store. Give them a look!

Global Fat-bike Day Musings – East Lothian, Scotland. – Global Fat-bike Day +1. – From Gnat and the Minneapolis Crew. In Color. – Report from Des Moines, IA. – More from Gnat in B&W. – Global Fat-bike Day + a few.

Typical Weekly Dose Goodness – Peter shows off his winter rig with an interactive photo. – Toni gets snow in Finland! – Peter gets snow too! – Fat front 24″ BMX Cruiser! – Braaap! – Bicycles and Icicles returns… – Hot-Rod Services for your Fat-Bike – Custom Rim and Frame Finishing – Rim Drilling and Polishing – Wheel Building – Krampus Sighting


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