Winter Bike Expo – Sneak Peek!


 The Wall of Wolvhammers

 The Wool

 The Wheel Shop

 Shockspital Lefty(s) With Mendon Cycle Smith Brackets

All the new tires stacked like cord wood.

Laser’s New Dissent Helmet comes in Fat-Bike White or Fat-Bike Black

…and it snowed a bit last night to put a nice layer of frosting on everything!

Racing starts at 6:00 pm – Report to follow.

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  1. No wonder I can’t order anything fatbike related from my LBS……it’s seems QBP gave up the entire inventory of fatbike parts and related stuff to Freewheel. QBP needs to realize there’s other dealers out there!

    • Bob, we feel your pain, man. But we don’t have all the goods. Gomez has done a great job highlighting what we do have, but daily we have to say no to dozens of customers asking for parts that can’t be had anywhere. Everything Fatbike is just in really tight supply. For the 3rd year in a row, demand has far, far, outstripped everyone’s forecasts. Including ours and especially QBPs’. QBP limits our in-season ordering just like every other dealer. I can only order a couple surly tires at a time, I can only order a handful of rims at a time, and I can’t get an extra Beargrease to save my life until the second half of our order arrives in late December. Virtually everything you see here we ordered back in February of 2012 or in late summer. We take gigantic risks with these large orders and when they don’t sell through we have to sit on most if it for another 6-8 months. The future seems to hold the same supply issues as long as the wide world of cycling keeps looking at fatbikes as winter only rigs. Meanwhile, I hope you find what you need, Bob.

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