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Having studded tires on your fat-bike is great! In appropriate conditions studs, whether traditional studded bike tires like the 45NRTH Dillinger, tires with screw in studs like Grip Studs or even homemade stud ideas, offer traction that has to be ridden to be believed. Keep rolling and the ride keeps on keeping on. However, dab here or there on glare ice and you will find a point of contact with a whole lot less grip than your fancy, studded bike tires. I give you the humble boot!

So, what to do? Well, Grip Studs thought of that and sent us a couple of sets of Boot Studs to get our boots to grip like our tires!

What is a Boot Stud?

Simply, Boot Studs are screw in traction devices that attach to your boot with a screw in auger and have a carbide tip that provides traction on icy and snowy surfaces. The version we are testing is the model #1100 that has 7.9mm of screw in attachment and 1.9mm of carbide prominence.


I elected to put the Boot Studs in my Keen Summit County boots because I use this pair of boots almost exclusively for winter biking and, while I have several other pairs of boots I could use the studs in, I don’t trust my ability to remember the pointy, carbide protrusions that are sticking out the bottom of the boot when I sashay across my hardwood floors. At least with the Summit Countys I take them off when I enter the house. Normally…


Studding was very easy with the included tool. I simply looked for wear areas that would represent contact patches on the sole and screwed the studs in. For the initial tests I put in 5 studs per boot as shown above. I am basically looking for the minimum amount of studs that I need to increase traction enough to be useful. I have 10 more studs from the package if needed!


The Boot Stud Packs are available in 20 Stud sets with Installation Tool that sells for $39.49 while the 28 Stud with set with Installation Tool sells for $51.08.

We will be evaluating these Boot Studs for the next several weeks and will give you a couple of reports along the way!

Learn more about Boot Studs at:

Grip Studs provided these Boot Stud kits for review free of charge and they are advertisers on our site but our reviews are honest and forthright regardless!

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  1. I’ve been using them for a year now. I actually prefer the smaller 1000 size. amazing in tires never fall out and grip perfectly. if you want something that will never let you down try a studded Nate

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