Bring the Fat-Bling ~ Custom Quiring Titanium!

It was just during the recent holidays that we promised to share some Titanium Quiring Cycles Fatness with y’all and today is your lucky day! Especially if you like a gorgeously lean, stiff and clean – custom Ti Fat-Bike as much as we do. Scott just finished the first of two custom Ti Fatties that are in his build schedule. This frame features a 44 mm head-tube and a welded chain-stay yoke which greatly eliminates flex, and also increases tire clearances. The frame is a medium and is roughly 3.75″ lbs.
I’ve uploaded larger photos so you can click on any of the pictures to check out Scott’s welds (up-close)!
Scott designed this frame for all-season performance so the rim/tire choice is set up to run all of the biggest tires on an 82mm rim.  However, since the rear yoke gets machined on his CNC mill (all done in-house),  he told me that he could build a frame that will support a 100mm rim along with all of the fattest tires.
The next bike that Scott will be working on is another ti fattie with adjustable dropouts, gates belt drive and an internally gear’d hub.
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2 Responses to Bring the Fat-Bling ~ Custom Quiring Titanium!

  1. Rickyd January 11, 2013 at 7:23 am #

    CH, so does my wife, and she loves them.

    That is a sweet looking frame!

  2. Chad January 11, 2013 at 10:07 pm #

    Scott’s frames are a work of art! Plus they ride great.

    My fatbike (Big Black Tank) was featured in the Builder Profile last year:

    After 3100 miles, the frame still rocks!

    His 29er frames rock, too!

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