First Look ~ The Oveja Negra MM2-SSB/ON Frame Bag

My old bag stuffed to the gills on a Lake Michigan trip.

Back in November, I shared my plan to have our amigos at Oveja Negra Threadworks make a custom frame bag for my Moonlander. I’ve had some fun, playing up the “Space Suit” theme, to the point where you all probably think I’m some sort of delusional space cadet, so its time to drop my NASA comedy routine and show you the MM2-SSB/ON frame bag that Monty from Oveja Negra Threadworks crafted for me.

The New Oveja Negra Frame Bag

At the beginning of last month I sent Oveja Negra some patches along with a carefully drawn template/tracing taken from my Moonlander frame. I answered a few questions about color, material and design and vowed not to pester them till the new bag arrived at my doorstep. I seldom ride without a frame bag and love the storage capacity that these essential tools of the fat-bike trade offer. On fat-packing trips, my frame bag carries my shelter and on day trips I usually stuff my puffy jacket into the main compartment, along with, keys, reading glasses, some rope and snacks. For the last year, I’ve been using a home sewn frame bag that my friend Cale made for me. I also tried a Revelate Designs/Surly frame bag, but traded it to my friend Mark at the Shell-Track Race last February. Cale’s bag served me pretty well over the last year, but because I’ve tried to cram more ‘stuff’ into it than I should, it’s coming apart at the seams. In retrospect, I should have hung onto the Revelate Bag because, as it turns out, I require something more bomb-proof.

Precision Stitching – Click the picture to see what I mean.

Last week, my mail carrier delivered my new frame bag and, honestly, it made me feel like a kid on x-mas morning! I unpacked the box and hefted the Moonlander Mission Two – Space Suit Bag for the first time. The MM2 is the third frame bag that I’ve owned and combines the toughness and rigidity of the Revelate and the customised theme of Cale’s bag. The first thing that drew my eye were the patches. The stitching on the MM2 is incredibly precise and the construction feels like it will be very durable. I chose a full coverage map pocket on the left side and a single main compartment that opens to the right. Monty also made a removable stiffener that provides a nice spot for a water bottle or small thermos, inside the main compartment.



Saturday’s Windy Gravel Ride and a Thermos of Hot Tea in the bag.

I got in two nice rides this weekend and the MM2 worked great. I’ll be sure to post updates on how the new bag holds up to my propensity to over-pack. My next update should come in or around tulip time and we’ll show you what the MM2 looks like after a year of loving use and abuse, next January.

Oveja Negra is dialing in a number of new products for the upcoming season, including an ultralight race kit and they’re opening a shop in Leadville, CO, where folks can stop in to check out all of their gear. The shop will also be a service center, where clients will be able to bring their bike (and gear) in for custom bag fittings. Visit for more information.


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2 Responses to First Look ~ The Oveja Negra MM2-SSB/ON Frame Bag

  1. Mark Peterson January 7, 2013 at 10:17 am #

    Thanks for the review. I am on the fence with frame bags for my particular riding universe but I am sure once I do some longer adventures I will need to purchase one and for that kind of money I want the best.

  2. Garret January 13, 2013 at 2:07 pm #

    It took me a while to get it. Moorland, space bag. 🙂

    Looks like a nice bag. I have the small a1/2 frame bag. these bag are so well made. Worth every penny!


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