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The Fat Bike Summit & Festival should be on every fat-biker’s radar, IMBA and QBP are bringing together trail advocates and land managers to develop a set of Fat-Bike Best Practices that will insure that we always have places to ride our fat-bikes! Share this poster on your social networks or send your local trail steward a copy, to get posted on your local trail group’s web-site. Print one and bring it to the shop where you purchased your fatty and ask if they can put it up. Help promote the vital proactive work that will benefit all of us by sharing this cool poster by Rachel Stevens at the Adventure Cycling Association. PDF version available on the blog http://fatbikesummit.com/2013/01/05/help-promote-the-fat-bike-summit-festival-with-this-cool-poster/

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  1. I hope the topic of fat bikes on snowmobile trails comes up at the summit. The trails around here could offer some great riding, but being on private land, we have to come up with an arrangement with the snowmobile clubs. Some guildlines for making these connections would be very valuable.

    • If you really want to insure that the topic is discussed, we recommend that you contact your IMBA representative and start that dialogue. The more folks that commit to get involved with trail advocacy the better. If you not already an IMBA Member, you should join and get hooked into your local IMBA Chapter. I believe your chapter is the Capitol Off-Road Pathfinders – http://www.madcitydirt.com/.

  2. I wish I could afford to attend but it’s just not looking like it’s in the budget at this point… Hopefully someone from Nebraska will be able to attend and I’ll be able to get the notes from the summit second hand. I’ll keep my fingers crossed…

    Have fun!

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