Weekly Dose of Fat – 1-25-13

Ravine-fat-bike-2441The Classifieds section is now up and available for you to post! Looking for Fat-bikes or related parts? Browse! Have a Fat-bike or fat-bike parts to sell or are you ready to fund that new fat-bike by unloading superfluous non-fat-bike gear? Post a classified ad!

Congrats to Mike for his random win in the “Where do you stick yours?” contest. He’ll be sporting a Full Moon Beach Ride Pirate shirt!

FYI, here in our neck of the woods, a Full Moon is coming on Saturday, the 26th. Got plans to ride? We do!

This Week’s Dose: – Story about fat-bikes in Alaska on NPR. – Making the best of the cold and visiting a wind farm. – Looking back at past Arrowhead 135s. – Not tubeless, yet. – Moonlander after one year. – Maine Fat-bike Traffic Report – Spinning fat – Racing the Minnesota River Bottoms. – Peter goes to -30c on an overnight and meets up with Toni. – Toni’s report form the same ride. these guys take some great photos! – Fat-bike Friday on an On One. – Cold snap in Scotland. Ode to a Pug, 4 years and counting. – Burnsey on a ride. – Frozen Research Continued

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  1. Mark Peterson January 25, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    I just wanted to drop you guys a line saying Thanks for all you do. is my go to site for information and interaction with the Fat Bike community.

    Thanks Again – now Go Ride!

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