Weekly Dose of Fat – One Eleven Thirteen (with bonus video)

RACE SEASON has begun! While our local race scene is dominated by CX Nationals in Madison, this weekend, the rest of the country is knee deep in Fat-Bike Races! Check out our fat-bike event calendar to find a race, demo or festival in your area! T. Morgan Spradling sent us a little ‘Fat-Bikes & Whiskey’ video to get the weekend started off right. Morgan shot the video out there in Montrose Colorado. Meanwhile, in the big whiskey….We’re planning a little beach ride, slash, party this weekend with a bon-fire and go-go dancers – what sort of fun do you and your compatriots have planned?

P.S. – One of our amigos, that shall remain anonymous, sent us the spy photo of a Titanium Fat Fork with cargo braze-ons. Feel free to speculate in your comments!

http://www.9news.com/rss/story.aspx?storyid=308824 – Local News in Leadville. CO gets Fat

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Ryan Weyers sent us this shot from up near Lake Winnabago this week!
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