FAT-TRIBE Thursday – Yorkshire, Iowa, Minnesota & London England!

This week Ed Oxley shares his second video with us shot between Hebden Bridge and Ribblehead in Yorkshire, England.

Todd Shenker

Todd Shenker sent us a pic of his bike on the shores of Saylorville Lake in Johnston, Iowa. He added “It was 50 degrees that day. I was riding on top of the ice on the shore. There was a nice patina of melted ice on top for traction. Then the mud/sand in the melted areas between was just icing on the fat ride cake.” We like cake!

David Ojala

Dave Ojala sent us this shot of him and his dog, Toes, enjoying
Minnesota Point on Lake Superior in Duluth.

London! England!

Roy McNeill shared this shot with us and exclaimed “Fat Bike FUN just 30 miles south on London England! Judy McNeill aka @beer_babe on ‘Cupcake’ her On-One Fatty”.

That’s it for this week from Fat-Bike.com’s Wild Kingdom. Tune in next week for more Valentine’s Day Fat-Bike-Fun!

Next Thursday is Valentine’s Day, so why not rent your sweetheart a fatty this weekend? Pack a thermos of hot chocolate and the next thing you know…old Jed’s a Millionaire!!! (while you’re at it) snap a photo of his/her fat-bike grin! Then send your fat photo’s and video to gomez@fat-bike.com for a Special Fat-Bike Couples Therapy Edition of Fat-Tribe Thursday! We’ll award 5 couples that send in photos a  hoopty FdBdC sticker pack!

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  1. Never knew what it might be like in England- I took great pleasure in watching you ride across the trails Pogs, bieer and ribbles are very neat.

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