Reader’s Ride(s) ~ Fat Mother Trucker

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Our amigo Casey Buckleitner, from way up at the fingertip of the MItten texted me some spy shots of  this Fat-Tandem and I just had to contact the owner to get the story on this beast! Seth Kleinglass runs Sweet Bikes in Canton Michigan, just outside of Detroit. Seth works with a welder and fabricator , on occasion, for special projects and the “Fat Mother Trucker” is their latest collaboration. the FMT started it’s career as a Surly Moonlander and Dr Bastine did some major reconstructive surgery that gave new life to this beautiful monster! Seth told me that its laterally stiff and he and Jeff Carek (Captain of the FMT) have been hammering it in the Michigan Fat Bike Race Series at Ypsilanti, Grayling and plan to hit the next race in Saugutuk, MI. Super-Stoker, Seth, shared with this reporter, his dismay with the fact that he and Jeff tried to enter the Noquemanon Fat-Bike Race, but were not allowed to compete on the tandem. All I can say is C’mon Man! Race promoters should find a way to let them race! This is only the second (functioning) fat-tandem that we’ve seen. Teasdale/Schlick built one for Chewie this summer and Bethany & I got a chance to ride it at Gnome-Fest up at Nine Mile last summer. Bethany was screaming in terror as I tore between pine trees on the singletrack by the solo camp up there! We have to get these two tandems together for some kind of ride, race or festival so we can see how they contrast and compare!

photo 4

Clown Shoes and Big Fat Larry, Nate or Bud all fit this stretch Lim-Moonie-sine.


photo 2

Seth’s Stoker Compartment

photo 3

Right Hand Drive – Captain Jeff Carek at the helm!

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Seth doesn’t know if he’ll make another FMT for the masses, but I personally can’t wait to ride this thing! Seth has promised me a test ride later this month!


Check out Seth and Sweet Bikes by visiting –

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  1. Having riden the FMT (around the Sweet Bikes building, after a couple adult beverages) I can tell you that it is a Sweet ride!

  2. This bike is the whip….. It’s the funnest thing on two wheels…. period!!! Gomez wait ’til you get on….. ’cause you’re not going to want to get off this thing, EVER!!! See everyone in Saugatuck on Saturday!!!

  3. Is there a way to get more details about this bike? I have been kicking around this idea and am interested to know about the drivetrain, gearing and rear hub spacing.


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