Weekly Dose of Fat ~ 2/8/13

Illinois Beach - Julio's Murdered-Out Schlick NorthpawNext Week’s Fat, This Week!

Next week on the pages of fat dash bike dot com,  in our FvT segment, we take you to frozen Lake Utah and then get y’all really high (up in the Andes) with a portrait from Joe Cruz on Wallpaper Wednesday. On Thursday we celebrate Love & Romance among the World Wide Fat-Bike Tribe and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! Did I mention that we finally received our new batch of Stickers! Check your mail boxes, next week, if we owe you some stickerage!….and stand by for a big contest announcement…but only if you want to win a new Krampus.

This Week’s Dose of Fat! – Freedom Ride – Ride Research Continued – Get’n Demo’d – Tim Ek part one of Arrowhead 135. – Tim Ex’s Arrowhead report, part two. – City of Lakes Loppet – Fatbiking in the UK – In praise of Pogies. – Super Bowl Day fatbike ride. – Pirate cXc recon ride and a new handlebar. – Fluffy snow – Updated DIY stud page. Good info if you can’t find ready made options! – Riding again after being sick. – Heading to Alaska – Frozen Fat Survivors Story – 616 blurb from Dirt rag. – Windy beach ride in Scotland. – Arrowhead 135 Report. – Dave’s Mud Shovel fender review. – Wolvhammer boot preview. – Beach Ride at John Muir. – Carless and Winter commuting in Alaska.

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