Barry Roubaix ♦ Fat-Bike Podium

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L-R – Eric, Dan, Chris, Kevin & Todd – Congratulations!


I took a quick trip around to the other side of Lake Michigan to shoot pictures at the Barry Roubaix last Saturday. I saw a lot of our fat-bike friends over in Michigan and you may have seen Danielle Musto’s recount of the race that we published on Monday. I wanted to share the fat-bike podium with our readers and extend a hearty congratulations to the victors!


Fat-Bike Results

1st – Chris Hansen Latitude – Gaylord MI  – 1:57:11 18.4

2nd – Dan McGraw – Grand Rapids MI – 1:58:57 18.2

3rd – Kevin Wright – Charlevoix MI – 2:01:50 17.7

4th – Eric Schroeder – Valparaiso IN – 2:01:50 17.7

5th -Todd McNeilly – Dearborn MI – 2:01:54 17.7


More Fat Sightings


BR Tandem

I also ran into Jeff Carek & Seth Kleinglass riding the Fat Mother Trucker that we shared in our Reader’s Ride(s) column back in February. I saw fat-bikes all over the place and got quite a few shots of racers at the start and out on the course. I chatted with our amigos at 616 about some things that they have in the pipeline that I can’t quite share with you all, just yet. I received confirmation from our amigo, Nate Phelps, from Central District Cyclery in Grand Rapids, that he’ll be hosting a beach race out of Grand Haven on April 20th – Stand by for further details on that!

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More photos are up on my Flicker –

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  1. Jamez April 3, 2013 at 7:26 pm #

    Awesome idea for a beach race in Grand Haven, kinda wish we still lived in GH. Raced Hazel (fastest dog in west Mich) there many times and lost. But what a sweet concept, races on sand, nice job Nate!

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