Fat Tribe Thursday ♦ New York – Australia – MPLS – Michigami – Shock-Talk!

First up is a video of Putu and Mr. Bane hitting the beach in Long Beach, NY

Ken Beach Ride

Ken sent us a shot of his brand new 9:Zero:7 on its maiden voyage on Rosedale Beach, near Batemans Bay, on the east coast Australia about 300km south of Sydney.

trent stewart

Mitchell Hoffman sent us this shot of “Trent Stewart shredding the gnar at Lebanon Hills in the Twin Cities”.
Shannon Black
Shannon Black sent us a shot of his villainous Fatback, that he calls “The Joker”! How about them apples, Gnorme?
Shannon included his address along with his submission, so he’ll be receiving one of Surly’s Kick-Ass Calendars and some stickers ta’boot!
Some Words of Wisdom from our Amigo, Ben Shockey

I’ve jumped on most big fads since I started mountain biking about 10 years ago: single speed, 29, steel, carbon, ultra-endurance racing, etc. and I’ve enjoyed all of them. However, nothing has fundamentally changed my cycling experience the way fat bikes have. Listening to forecasts and watching out the window and HOPING for snow to go ride in. No more lamenting snowstorms, hamster wheeling or simply accepting winter couch surfing. Winter gravel rides are great but still limited by weather changes. Fat-bikes have rounded out the year so that every single day there’s a reason to be excited to ride. That’s pretty cool on a very fundamental level.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Sasquatch Hunter. Keep on sending your fat-bike fotos and video to your Tio Gomez at
Adios Amigos!

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  1. Surly Shawn March 12, 2013 at 10:18 am #

    That Fatback is awesome!

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