Fat-Tribe Thursday ♦ Whiskey – Colorado – Whiskey – Anchorage – Michigan

First up in the video spotlight is Wisconsin’s own Nathan Long! He shot some of his  buds out on a night ride at Northwest Park near Eau Claire.

Eric Prinster Palisade CO

Eric Prinster joins a long list of folks that have shared their first fat-bike rides with us! Eric is from Palisades, Colorado.

Micheal Lemberger - Photo by Madcross

Our amigo Michael Lemberger was caught in mid air along with his 9:Zero:7, that he calls Ruby, right in front of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison. Photo courtesy of

Another one for Gomez

Randy Armstrong sent us a shot, showing off a fat dash bike dot com patch and sticker on his fatback up in Anchorage AK!

Todd Anthes

Todd Anthes sent us this magic light portrait of his fatty taken in Boyne Falls, Michigan at the end of a spectacular ride!

Send us pictures or video of you and your amigos exercising your Fat-Tribal rights. We still have a couple of Surly Calendars to send out to folks that send us their snail mail address along with a photo or video that make it up on Fat-Tribe Tursday. Drop me a line at with fat-tribe in the subject.

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  1. Mark Peterson March 17, 2013 at 4:31 pm #

    I love the night Video! Great shot in front of the Capitol. Beautiful Sun set shot. Thanks

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