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Our neighbor, from across Lake Michigan, Mr. Scott Quiring of Quiring Cycles just finished up this whee KVA stainless, Gates belt drive fat bike with a NuVinci n 360 hub in his Free Soil, Michigan, bicycle laboratory.




Scott machined a 35 mm spacer on the non-drive side to convert the frame spacing from 170 mm to the 135 mm hub spacing.  Scott runs a similar setup on his personal titanium fat-bike.


Here’s a shot of Scott’s signature fat-bike yolk that show cases his prowess as a machinist and his artistry with gorgeous smooth uniform weld beads.




Learn more about Quiring Cycles at http://www.quiringcycles.net/

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    • well the dropouts are Paragon Machine Works rocker dropouts which supply many frame manufacturers, so there is a lot of bikes with the same dropouts.

      and these are hand made and the geometry is built to your measurements and be made in Titanium, stainless or steel, so i would much prefer a Quiring over a run of the mill Fatback.

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