Weekly Dose of Fat – 3/1/2013

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March is coming in like a Yeti and hopefully, going out like a Krampus. The fat-bike industrial rumor mill is churning out some doozies these days, all while Jay Petervary was breaking the course record at the ITI on a Salsa Beargrease! Fat-bike racing is mui caliente! I asked the question, back at interbike, “Will we see a Beargrease on the top of the podium at The Inditarod?” The answer is an emphatic affirmation of Salsa’s fat-bike innovation and focus on racing. Last weekend, Salsa introduced us to the next level of fat-bike race technology. I predict The Carbon Beargrease will own race podiums, from all around the world in ’14. I look forward to seeing what Greg Matyas has in the works at Fatback for 2014 and how this (Porsche vs. Ferrari)  style rivalry will play out during next year’s race schedule! But there’s still great racing to come, this season! The Fat Bike Birkie is shaping up to be the showdown with an elite field that includes the Dominant Mountain/Fat Bike racers from all over the Great Lakes. Jesse LaLonde, Brendan Moore and Jorden Wakeley going head to head on a 32 mile section of the famed Birkebeiner Ski Trail. The trail will be expertly groomed and blazing fast. On the Ladies side of the field, the question is “Can anyone beat Danielle Musto on her Beargrease?”. Get out and enjoy this weekend! Check out the Event Calendar for races, festivals and demos, near you! (Just Click on the Winterbike Flyer)

Weekly Dose – Freedom Ride – Riding on snowmobile trails. Lots of super pix from Peter. – Toni’s report on the above ride on Snowmobile Trails. More pix! – ITI – Shadoobie, Shattered Shattered – this trail’s in tatters, records got shattered – Fat-Tires, Fresh Tracks & Hot Gnomes – Yeti Sightings – Iditarod Trail flyover and more pix. – Fat-biking with a Vagabond! – Jay Petervary on the Iditarod. – Pug repair, repaint and reconnection. – Glenn Charles writes about getting to Fairbanks. – Check out this loaded fat-bike! – Donkadonk Fat-bike. – NAHBS Blacksheep Fat-bikes – NAHBS Show 29×3.0 Show Winner! – 38 Frameworks Carbon Fat-bike at NAHBS. – Pugsley Figure-8 races at Frostbike. – Reeb Donkadonk – Retrotec’s 29+ show winner

2 Responses to Weekly Dose of Fat – 3/1/2013

  1. Beaker March 2, 2013 at 9:43 am #

    Hey, wheres the bar?

  2. Nine March 4, 2013 at 12:40 am #


    I would tend to dissagree with your opinion….however groomed trails or stompted down single track are groomed also…and maybe racing is racing and all courses are prepared right?

    If ya want some really cool winter Wisconsin fat bike riding please check out the great Glacial Drumlin state trail….it is groomed for snow mobiles but is open for fat bikes and the riding is awesome!!

    Of course from Dousman west to Madtown…..I have done it all…real cool….and there are many bars along the trail…..


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