Weekly Dose of Fat – 3/29/2013


todd antesNext Week on Fat-Bike

We start the week off with djohnnymac’s insightful interview of Artist/Racer, Jesse LaLonde. The balance of the week we present a globe-trotting sojourn to fat-bike adventures from Scandinavia, Colorado and the United Kingdom. Spring Beach riding is starting to warm up around the Great Lakes. That’s where you can find us this weekend! What’s on your fat-bike horizon?

Your regularly scheduled – Weekly Dose of FAT! – FatBikes & Surf Boards – Brotherhood Research Continues – Beautiful Adventure – Inspiration – Beach Race? – Jay Petervary Interview – The things you can see from the seat of your fat-bike. – Bob’s fat-bike before powder coating. – Fat-biking the city. – Fat-biking in Scotland. – Fat-biking to meet trail runners in Nome. – Crusty Conditions. – Riding the White Sands. – Fat-biking Spring Break.

Photo (upper right) By – Todd Anthes

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