Fat Foto Friday ♦ Pipeline

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John UK Commute copy

John Moore from England took this shot on his morning commute! UK Fat-Bikers are planning one of their now famous gatherings later this month. The Fourth UK FatBike Gathering is on the East Lothian Coast, 30 Miles East of Edinburgh, Based at the Victorian Seaside resort of North Berwick. That’s Scotland for those of us that are geographically challenged. You can read more details about the event at http://www.ukfatbikes.co.uk/.

Triple F is a weekly feature, designed to inspire fat-bike fun, fueled by submissions from our readers. Would you like to help? Send your uncle gomez some fun fat-bike fotos at gomez@gmail.com and then ride and smile, knowing that in some corner of this crazy blue marble, you helped promote something great!

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