Fat-Video-Tuesday ♦ Owyhee Springtime

Gauchos en gordas bicicletas en Idaho con su perro llamado Marley.

Mud season has ended here in southern Idaho.  Snow is melted. The winds are drying out the clay and sandy trails are in their prime right now.  Well, Gomez, this video does not have as much metal flying by as most Fat-bike videos. This is how we share our public lands in Idaho.  Grazing cattle, wild horses, horsemen, motorcycles, bikes and hikers all share the same area.  Motorized vehicles must stay on the roads.  Non-motorized vehicles can use the trail system.  Fat bikes fall into the non-motorized category on these BLM trails.  A few sections are strictly for horsemen.  Riding these same sandy trails last year was pretty treacherous, but this year it is easy going now on fat bikes.

 Aileen and Scott Frey, plus Marley


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