Weekly Dose of Fat ♦ 4/19/2013 ♦ Dosis Semanal de Gordo

8661945456_55ca783a31_nFat Jazz

Your Mother and I have a few things that we’d like to share with you, so we’re not going to beat around the bush and we’re just going to move forward and get right to the point. We though it would be nice if we presented our thoughts as, sort of a “to-do” list….with music &  linkagez…

1) Wear MaskRide BikeTake PictureSend E-MailWin a Krampus!

2) Go to the BeachRace FatRock Out!

3) Turn off the computer – Throw on some polyester knit and get rad! (links intentionally left blank)


Fat Lynx – Fat-Bike Brotherhood +1 – Crawler Blurb – Bike Day – All wheel Drive Fatness – Costal Scotland fat-bike ride.



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