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“Fattie Approved”- what does it mean?

 Without getting too philosophical, my idea of something being “Fattie approved” signifies a general ‘good’ in things. It’s not just about bikes; it’s about enjoyment. I’ve always wanted to find a way of designating things to friends that I found to be top tier. I love fat-bikes, I live bikes in general, and for me, sometimes it’s nice to think about all the other things that make me smile. Group rides, food, booze, and general chicanery have always been interlaced with the Lumpkin clan; now I’m here to publicly approve of some high quality spirits in the material world.

The Levis Mound Trail System

levis trow sign

With camping 20 feet from the beginning of an IMBA certified “epic” loop Levis Trow Mounds trail system is at least a once yearly destination for me. In Neilsville, WI “the mounds” act as a hub for my idea of a weekend destination. The trails range from smooth and flowy to downright scary. Riding Swamp cut to Yellow Jacket, up to the Hermosas, and finally cresting the western mound to navigate Sidewinder ALWAYS starts my loop. Quick note: the trail visionary who has a hand in so much of the trail building is an awesome ambassador, for us, as we start to consider the idea of trail sharing with XC ski and fat-bikes in mind. Sidewinder was conjured up over the years and was mapped via snowshoeing. I will always remember my first ascent up the western mound…specifically the beers at the first overlook.

mound overlook

Continue down through lower Hermosa and weave your way back to the chalet, you are half done. Heading back up the mounds through Snodgrass and Switchback (NOT BACKWARDS) you climb to Toad Road and IMBA Epic Cliffhanger. Through rocks and boards (off of said visionaries deck) you see the fruits of a group effort. When IMBA arrived for a trail weekend about 50 people arrived, camped, and built half of the trail in one day! Careen down Porky’s Point and IF you have anything left hit a lap on the Skillz course (Lucy’s loop).

steve overlook

26 miles and around 3000” of climbing is enough to leave anyone hoping for a beer. That is unless you are there for some extra pain and attending the Levis Trow 100, part of the WEMS (WI Endurance Mountain Series). Or if XC riding and racing isn’t your style, and you dabble in these “fat-bikes” Levis is one of the premiere places, that is actually grooming trails specifically for fat-bikes. They currently groom an eight mile loop that takes around an hour and a half to complete. This makes it possible, for Levis to host, one of the most fun winter enduros in the Midwest: The Sweaty Yeti. Being a member of a former “most fun team” I encourage anyone who is interested in fat-biking to check that event out.

Sweaty Yeti 2012 - Team that had the most fun award (the sweet handmade wool caps we're rock'n!) L-R : Me, Gomez, Queen Gabby & Bethany
Sweaty Yeti 2012 – Most Fun Podium – L-R : Me, Gomez, Queen Gabby & Bethany


15 minutes from Sand Creek‘s tasting room, built, in large part by a good friend, home of some of my favorite events, and a multiple time home for GNOMEFEST (of course approved) leave me only one thing to say about the Levis Trow Trail system in Neilsville Wisconsin:


snow bikes

For more information visit : http://www.levismound.com/



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  1. Levis is awesome! Haven’t been there for many years & now Fattie has made me want to return……..with my fat bike 🙂

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