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As soon as I saw the Growler Cage, I thought of our test pilot, Colin. He works all day brewing delicious craft brewed beer for Lakefront Brewing in Milwaukee (The Beer City) and rides his Gravedigger Pugs from ‘where his crib be’ in River West, along the Milwaukee River, on the newly gentrified “river-trails” – back and forth, commuting on urban off-road trails, every damn day from home to the brewery and back.

How many bottle rockets does your bottle cage hold?

I requested Kawasaki Green neoprene on our test set of growler cages to match Colin’s Necro Pug’s color scheme and they look really sharp. I’ve tried to talk Colin into taking two growlers of beer every night and stopping off on the way home to share with his amigos. Maybe form some sort of drinking under bridges club, this summer and let us all know how these heavy duty cages haul the suds, as it were.

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A growler holds a half a gallon of beer, so our double barreled set-up, brings a full gallon of happiness to the table. The cage itself looks and feels up to the task of handling the weight of a full growler. The padded neoprene sleeve provides a cushioned grip on the glass of the growler and is replacable, if it becomes worn. Growler cages are made right in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which is home to many fat-bike enterprizes!

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MSRP is $55 dollars. The replacement neoprene sleeves come in eleven different colors and will run you $7.

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Colin is the right man for the job….I mean who else works where there’s a 1500 gallon tank of craft brewed beer, just waiting to be drained? We’ll report back to you on how these cages stack up, over the summer.

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  1. EXCUSE ME! Colin, Excuse me, but I believe you know where I live. I should assist with this test …… probably on a regular basis. EXCUSE ME.

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