El Cervecero – Negra Modelo (on tap!)

el cervesa

glassNegra Modelo, on tap – is the best thing you’re not drinking.

Written By : Colin Ford

It’s a hot day in Milwaukee….Like 80 something and sticky. I just rode my Krampus down to Oscars to meet up with Gomez and Sam-D for a beer and a burger. Oscar’s (arguably) has one of the best burgers in Brew-Town and my beer of choice, when I visit Oscar’s, is Negra Modelo. This may be an old standby for some of you, but how many times do you get the chance to drink it on tap?  This beer has been made in Mexico since 1925 but the style comes directly from much older, German brewing traditions. It is one of the only examples of a true Vienna lager brewed in the new world.  That means it’s made with lager yeast and has a good amount of Vienna malt. Vienna malt is a caramelized malt….Close to a heavy toast. It’s prominent in bock beers, dunkels, and Oktoberfest beers.

tapperUpon being served this beer, I feast my eyes on the rich amber brown color.  This fine Vienna style lager is served in a near half liter goblet at this fine establishment.  A small amount of off white head floats atop with only a small amount of lacing being left behind upon consumption.  The nose is a bit of noble hop ( I’m thinking hallertau) and the delightful (slightly plum) aroma of lager yeast. (Being a brewer I am very familiar with this aroma and its one of my favorites.).  This beer is very drinkable at a middle of the road 5.3%abv.  The taste is a Caramel toasty delight.  The delectable sweetness wonderfully balanced by the earthy, herbal noble hops.  I’d say I could drink this all day, but I haven’t put that to the test yet, so maybe I need to buy a keg.  It’s truly a great example of what you would drink at a Bavarian beer garden.  The aftertaste is a sweet toffee Caramel pillow. With approximately 1.5 liters on board my one hundred and thirty-five pound frame, it holds me in a familiar place of lightly day drunk.  It truly is a great beer and if you ever doubt it, I’d invite you to meet me at Oscar’s to reconsider. For mi Tio Gomez this is his”desert island*” beer.   I’d say this beer is great anytime anywhere and highly recommend it to those looking for a nice Vienna style lager. This is the best thing you’re not drinking.



*If you were trapped on a desert island, surrounded by gnomes, and you only had one choice of beers, what beer would you choose?

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2 Responses to El Cervecero – Negra Modelo (on tap!)

  1. Mark Peterson June 27, 2013 at 7:56 pm #

    Newcastle Brown Ale or Fat Tire Amber Ale. Cheers!

  2. Chris June 29, 2013 at 7:06 am #

    NM is one of my all time favorites. Never had it on tap though. Time for a Milwaukee day trip!