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This week’s Fattie Approved item: TATER TOTS!

Alright, if you missed the first go round: this isn’t just about bikes; or even things related to bikes. I am also a big fan of food. I think food and cycling go hand-in-hand in so many different cases. Our Friday F’n Fat ride started with the intent of riding at least a little, but always finishing at a local eatery called the Hideaway. Beers and food were consumed, en mass, and there was one specific dish that satiated even the heartiest of fat-biker’s appetite. Now let’s get to the meat, and specifically potatoes of it. Ask Gomez…when in Iowa…and you get the chance, order the tots!

potatoolesTrademarked by Ore-Ide and created in 1953, the tater tot, is by far my favorite version of a potato based side. The tater tot features all the great features of other potato products and none of their weaknesses. They’re like ‘the Blade’ of fried potatoes. That is a quote from the movie “Blade” starring Wesley Snipes and it….and tots are bad ass! Anyways….I feel there are a few key features where the tot excels: crispiness, inside texture, flavor, and coverability. The tot remains supple yet crispy. It’s one of the few potato sides that can be baked and not be a total disappointment. It is also one of my favorite things to dip. Jump on the Sriracha band-wagon and dip a tot in some Sriracha/Mayo, next time you get a chance; you’ll thank me. I have to admit that I have a weakness for Taco John’s Potato Ole. Those little suckers are amazing.

The dish I was referring to earlier was a heaping pile of tater tots covered in meaty chili and tons of cheddar cheese. I preferred mine with jalapenos and red onion, but that dish ROCKED. Tater tots seem to succeed where tortilla chips and fries fail. That is having the ability to stand up to being piled on. Everyone knows what its like to eat the last few soggy, sloppy nachos… not good. Tots have a way of standing up to the forces of liquid. Granted, not as crisp as they could be, but not a mess either. The Potato Ole grande exemplifies another situation where the tots crush not only potato products, but corn products as well as it is much better than its nacho grande counterpart.

I mentioned ordering tots in Iowa, but if you are a traveler, or someone from outside the Midwest these few terms may serve you well. If you are at a Safeway you want Tater Treats. When in the Pacific NW you can sometimes find totchos (tot nachos). The Northeast features potato puffs or juliennes. If you you ever get to skip across the pond and visit Australia you’ll have to order potato pom poms or potato royals. Tater tots are globally accepted, and now they are FATTIE APPROVED.


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  1. I’m drooling at my desk and will be picking up a bag on the way home. Gotta try the tots supreme! Thanks so much for this tidbit (but not so much for my future cholestorol).

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