Weekly Dose of Fat ♦ July Twelfth, Two Thousand and Thirteen


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Next week on the pages of Fat-Bike we share our initial progress report on the Krampus formerly known as Thilver and our two weekly photo features are sure to make the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up! Do you hear that, Randy? What’s that Mr. Lahey? The winds of fat are ready to blow up a storm, the likes of which, this website (or trailer park) has never seen before. We announced some cool fat-bike stuff this week and we’re going to be announcing many others over the next few weeks. Try to keep an open mind about all of this change that’s coming down the pike. Remember that fat-bikes are super fun adult toys. Try and stay positive in your outlook and as always….ride and smile!

Link-a-Dink – Epic Trail Completed – Chump from MPLS – Dune Research– UK Fat Racing – Lynton visits Outback

http://swearnet.TPboys/season8 – Season Eight (NSFW) – Freedom (NSFW) – The Food Chain – Rappelling and fat-bikin’ – Bob is building a 29+ – Bob riding his fat-bike. – Hot in Scotland. – In praise of Hüsker Düs (the tire) – Touring the Great Divide on a fat-bike, Montana. – Touring the Great Divide on a fat-bike also. – Pirate Night Ride in KC. – KramPug at Sunset.

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