1st Look – VP Components VP-001 Pedals

Last September out in the Nevada desert, at the Outdoor Dirt Demo, just before Interbike, The dudes from VP components had the kind of luck(?) to find themselves, next door to the Surly tent, which also gave them front row seats to watching Cheaver, Chewie, Spinner, Dave Nice, Cale, Dirty and I get day drunk with Sov slang’n beers and demo rides accompanied by banjo music played on an old cassette tape blooty-bang. We rode bikes, we drank beer, we got loud. If I remember correctly….. things got pretty sslurry.


This provided me with plenty of opportunities to admire VP’s pedals, that happen to come in a myriad of bright and shiny colours! Fast forward to this summer, and the addition of a Krampus named ‘Silver’ to my bike-herd and the need for some grass green flat pedals.  I contacted our amigos from VP and talked about getting a set of pedals. A week later the UPS man delivered our set of VP-001’s in a lovely shade of anodized green.


Sealed bearings, replaceable pins and a nice wide surface make the VP-001 exactly what I look for in a platform pedal. These pedals are the only green component, bolted onto our Krampus and the color green…. while not a perfect match to the frame, still looks quite fetching. Pedals always seem to take quite a beating, so we’ll check back in a few months to let you know how these hodags fair over the next few hundred miles. Then next summer we’ll share a long term review for you to ponder.


My initial impression of the VP-oo1’s is very positive. They have a nice thin profile and feel great underfoot…..nice and grippy! They remind me of the 45 North Helva pedals that I tested and reviewed last season. Time will tell, (it always does) so stay tuned for more as we start to rack up thousands of miles on these babies!


Visit for more information about VP Components.


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  1. Andy O August 29, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    I was literally wrenching a pair of these on to my Dirt Jumper as this article was opening! I won a pair of these in a winter Fat Bike race, and have been running them on and off on a couple different bikes all summer, they work great on all types of shoes, nice and grippy, and the wide platform doesn’t dig into thin shoes like Vans. Happy with them so far.

  2. Erik August 29, 2013 at 10:41 pm #

    You can get pins from

    We will have a purchase link directly set up before interbike so you no longer have to email.

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