Colorado ♦ Ride Report


Our Rocky mountain correspondent, James Healy, has been enjoying some time up in Leadville, Colorado, riding his Six-one-Six fat-bike along with his awesome athletic pooch named Hazel! Hazel and James rode the Colorado/Continental Divide Trail along the shores of Twin Lakes, just south of Leadville near Independence Pass. James had this to say about the ride, “It’s a fun ride, up and down, up and down with great views of the lakes (which were like glass this morning) and Mt. Elbert, which is, the highest peak in the Rockies. I rode along the beach some, but stuck mostly to the sweet singletrack. Along the way you pass Dexter Cabin and the old Inter-Laken Hotel.”

dexter cabin 2

Back when Leadville was rich, the wealthy folks would take a stage coach from the ‘Ville to Twin Lakes, board a paddle boat and cross over to the Hotel for fine dining and mountain views. Dexter Cabin held high stakes poker games and the like.

James has been taking advantage of the sweet biking, good friends, sunshine, blue skies and cool temps around Leadville before he starts a new gig at a river school. How or what can you teach a river? Good luck with that James and keep sending us photos from your Rocky Mountains Fat-Bike Funventures!


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    That last pic is awesome!

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