Lynskey Names their fatty ~ STRATUS ~ like a floating cloud




Last week we shared the news that Lynskey Performance Cycles was soliciting names for their new “made in America’ titanium fat-bike and I have to say, that I was duly impressed with the creativity and sheer volume of names that the fat-bike community offered to the good folks, down there in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Lynskey might be one of the most experienced Ti fat-bike fabricators in the US. They’ve built frames for Salsa and Fatback, as well as a few with their own name on the downtube. With those contracts in their rear view mirror, they’ve taken everything that they’ve learned over the last few years and poured that knowledge into the design of a bike called Stratus. Blending an XT component package with a sweet Raceface Turbine crank and Surly rims, tires and fork. This is a rig that you could race or just as easily, fat-pack deep into the woods, as long as, you leave a trail of bread crumbs to find your way home..




The Stratus has a symmetrical, 170mm spaced, rear triangle with sliding dropouts for Single or IGH rear hubs. The 44mm headtube allows the stratus to run straight or tapered forks. Just in case, you want to upgrade to a nice carbon or suspension fork. The complete comes with a Moonlander fork, with a Big Fat Larry 4.5″ Front and Nate 4.0″ Rear laced to drilled rolling darryls. FSA gets the call for post, bar and stem duty. It’s just a solid build from stem to stern. The price on the complete bike is $4,342 and the frame is $2,195.

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  1. Like the Dodge??? Lame name, but I’m sure it’ll ride well…I’ll stick with my KRAMPUS!!! What’s in a name? A LOT!!!

  2. Should have spelled it “Stratos” like the 3-time World Rally Championship-winning Lancia Stratos.

    Beautiful bike, although at that price I would expect a titanium or carbon fork as part of the complete build.

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