Fat-Foto-Friday ♦ Stomp’n

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steve fuller(click to enlarge)

Steve Fuller took this shot of what our Amigos from either side of the mighty Mississippi River call Stomp’n. The dry creek beds of the Shimek State Forest are a perfect example of the new and varied terrain that fat-bikes open up for fun and adventure! The rider all the way to the left is, none other than, mi hermano de otra madre, Fattie Lumpkin. Just to the right of Fattie is Dennis Grelk. The 4 riders closer to the camera L-R – Dave, James Zimmerman, Christopher Rhodes & Jake Ralfs.

Where do you ride your Fatty?

Send us your fat-bike snapshots and we’ll share them with the rest of the world. Send your photos to gomez@fat-bike.com with ‘Triple F’ in the subject line.


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