Interbike 2013 – Show Floor Wrap Up

I had a few more hours in Lost Wages than Uncle Gomez and I used it to good effect ferreting out these fat goodies for your perusal. Some of these are real and available now, some are custom one-offs and some are prototypes of good things to come. Keep your browser aimed at for more as we learn more!


Eric and Dusty from Revelate were showing off new bag designs as well as an upcoming pair of Pogies for winter comfort. The pair on the right is intended for mountain bikers and commuters while the pair on the right is for serious cold. The Terrapin seat bag is a modular dry bag system that can accomodate dry bags of different sizes and allows for quick removal.


This is Eric’s personal rig. A Surly Ogre with the Krampus front wheel tire mounted up front.


You’ve probably seen the White Industries SnoWhite fat-bike hubs on our site before but in person they are simply amazing.


They come in the polished finish and the grey shown in the photos above and the grey rear is sporting a titanium freehub body that lightens the hub without lightening your wallet too much. It is a $20 upcharge from the standard freehub body.


Carey Hopkins from Project Exile is justifiably proud of his Enduro focused fat-bike design prototype. Aimed at aggressive all mountain and Endure riding this ain’t your tame snow bike. Carey is working on a full suspension design as well. With SolidWorks modeling helping prove concepts, look for good things to come!




Softride was showing their Hang5 2″ receiver hitch rack with a carrying system that is perfect for fat-bikes as well as most other bicycle styles. The 5-bike version is available for 2″ only and they offer a Hang2 2 bike, 1-1/4″ version as well.




SRAM had a tractor pull style sled attached to a Surly fat-bike that tested rider’s power. Here is a shot of Corey Qualls of the Central Point, OR Parks and Rec Department, on his way to a “full pull”.


Rola is offering a couple of solutions to fat-bikers looking to transport their rigs. A tray/basket hitch rack and a unique hanger-style rack that suspends the bike by holding the wheels from the top.

That’s it for now, folks! We have a lot more info on all the products you’ve seen over the past 4 days. Keep it here on!


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