Interbike Sticker Packs!


Until our new Aurora Bearialis stickers get printed, we’re going to try to tempt all of you fat-bike decal fans with sticker-packs that we collected, specifically por los amigos de las, while roaming around at Interbike. You’re probably asking, “Hey Uncle Gomez, how can we get our hands on one of these sweet sticker packs?” Here’s a couple of ways to qualify for home delivery!

1) Send us a Reader’s Ride story about your fat-bike. Tell us what makes your fatty special, and include some pictures! (all in focus and stuff!) (50-100 words and 3 photos should do it)


2) Register your local fat-bike race on our new Race Calendar. (click here to register an event)

Send me an email, and be sure to include your snail mail address, along with your story or the list of the Fat-Bike Events that you have added to our calendar. Send your email to and I’ll send you out a sticker-pack, plus put you on the waiting list for the fabled, fat-bike dot com, decoder ring. If we run out of sticker packs, we’ll send you out our new sticker, when they become available. But seriously…I grabbed like a metric gnome ton of stickers, so what have you got to lose? – Send us some syllables…

!Vaya con bicis gordas, amigos! ~g~

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