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The following is a release from 11Nine Fat Bikes!

ev·o·lu·tion – noun

  • the gradual development of something, esp. from a simple to a more complex form.
  • synonyms: development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, expansion, unfolding

re·de·fine – transitive verb

  • 1: to define (as a concept) again : reformulate
  • 2a : to reexamine or reevaluate especially with a view to change
  • b : transform

Sometimes being part of the norm is fine, but what happens when that’s just not good enough for you and you make a choice to redefine yourself?

11nine Fat Bikes has chosen to do just that. Normalcy is not in our vocabulary. We choose the words evolve and redefine to better describe what we’re setting out to do.

We’re redefining the existing class of fat-bikes as you currently know them. Our goal is to give options to the fat bike community that allows the species to evolve into a top predator.

Introducing the 11nine Fat Bikes SIMUS and DIREWOLF.

Built to be tough and strong, SIMUS offers a rigid frame with a front suspension provided by an 11nine Fat Bike single crown inverted suspension fork that provides you with up to 110mm of travel. Add unstoppable to that list of evolving traits and you’ve found DIREWOLF. A full suspension fat bike with a full floating rear end designed to provide you with a ride that makes you feel one with the ground underneath you. Direwolf also comes with the 11nine Fat Bike single crown inverted suspension fork to make your experience on Direwolf as unique as you. You control the ride with the adjustments that you make to the tapered head tube. Passive or aggressive — the control is in your hands.

How much will you evolve and redefine yourself? Go beyond with 11nine Fat Bikes and let us show you the road to evolution.

Both bikes will be offered in :

  • Frame only
  • Roller- frame, wheel set, 11nine suspension fork,”lulu”, Cane Creek AngleSet, Race face- Turbine cranks. And a Marzocchi Roco Lite shock (on suspension frame)
  • Or complete builds, to order
  • Spec bike will be available also at a later date.
  • Production frames in 6000-Series Aluminum are due to arrive early 2014.

11nine Fat Bikes will be on the floor at 2013 Interbike, held in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 18 – 20. If you’d like to experience the evolution up close and personal, please contact us at

Check them out on Facebook at 11nine Fat Bikes.

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