Reader’s Ride(s) – Chris Daisy’s Borealis – 24.9 lbs of Mayhem


Chris Daisy owns Zion Cyclery and knew he wanted a Borealis Yampa carbon fat-bike the moment he saw it and so put in a preorder for the frame, set about getting the parts together and this is the result. A man of few words, Chris had the following to say about his 24.9 lb creation:

About Me: I have three knife-attack scars and two gold teeth. This is my ride.

Right on, Chris!








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  1. must keep clean must keep clean must keep clean. That’s all that would be running through my head. Some bikes are just too beautiful… now throw that baby in the mud.

  2. I am amazed at the progression we are seeing. “Light” is being shown on the whole Fat Bike community. I am excited to see where we are in 3 Years!

  3. One minor crash and a few frame scratches so far. I just try not to think about it.

    But light and fat is where it’s at! So cool that we’ve move so far so fast. Full Fat, Full Carbon, Full Suspension is just around the corner…Sell your car!

  4. Ok usually I’d bitch about a carbon fatbike (and have in the past). Because it IS in fairness kind of an oxymoron. But this IS cool. *slow clap*

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