Fat Video Tuesday – Swedish Lapland

Olov Stenlund shared his first fat-bike video with us last week. This is what Olov had to say about it!

“I’ve  had the fat bike for a week now. I just gotta say. It´s the most incredibly fun bike that I’ve ever owned. It sure is a eye catcher. If you want to be discrete –  fat bikes are not for you.  Almost every one asks: What do you use it for? Isn´t it heavy to ride with those fat wheels? No, and hell no! It’s super agile. I´d rather like to say: What can you NOT use it for?”

 “My video was shot just outside my home in a small town called Luleå in Swedish Lapland, a few miles south of the arctic circle. These are my local trails and the beach clips are from where the River of Luleå hits the Bay of Bothnia. “
“Thanks for sharing the fat bike love and inspiration at your awesome site.  Up here, there are just two of us that run on fat rubber. But I´ll bet the bug will soon catch on here! Lapland is perfect for fat-bikes!”
Keep it up!
Cheers, Olov
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