Kuat Dirtbag Phat 9 Fork Mount – Review



The new Kuat Dirtbag Phat 9 (mm) fork mount looks too simple.  But really all it needs to do is make sure your bike doesn’t go flying out the back of your truck, and that it does. We tested it! The dirtbag 9 is spaced to handle 135mm hubs with 9mm drops. (fits most fatties)


I wasn’t sure I had received the whole package when I noticed there was no skewer.  It doesn’t come with one.  You can buy one and add it or you can do what I’ve been doing and just use the skewer from your bike and insert it. But with an MSRP of just $29, you can probably afford to buy your own skewer!


I recently used this to secure my Moonlander on a trip from Platteville, WI to Bear Paw Resort and back.  A 550 mile round trip.  My bike stayed just where I left it.  The space between the fastener side and the fork mount is big enough that you can get a cable lock through it.  This comes in handy in case you leave your truck at the campground and paddle for a few hours and would rather leave your bike locked up in the truck instead of tied to a tree or hidden in your tent under a sleeping bag.  That never works…


It’s simple.  It’s solid.  I’m sold on it.


Visit Kuat’s website for more information –

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