New Product – Fatt Rakk Fat-bike Storage and Display Stand


The Fatt Rakk from Feedback Sports is a fattened up version of their Rakk Bicycle Storage System that has been optimized for fat-bikes with tire widths from 3″ to 5″; covering the most popular fat-bike tire sizes.

The spring-loaded arm supports your fat bike by either the front or rear wheel, is easy to use and holds the bike securely. In addition, the Fatt Rakk is designed so that the support doesn’t touch your spokes, rim or rear derailleur.


We tested the Fatt Rakk with fat-bikes and rim/tire combos from 47mm Northpaw-S rims wearing Husker Dus to 82mm Rolling Darryls shod with Big Fat Larrys and found the rack is versatile throughout this wheel size range. It works equally well with 29-Plus bikes with the only currently available 29 x 3.0 tire, the Surly Knard.


You can adjust the cones on the spring-loaded arm to dial in the fit for your particular tire/wheel width.


The Rakk system has a modular, clip system so you can attach multiple Fatt Rakks together or mix in Standard Rakks to store or display bikes with tires of various sizes.

The Fatt Rakk is scheduled to be available at the manufacturer at the end of the month so check with your local bike shop soon and expect an MSRP of about $46.99. Feedback Sports website has a dealer locator if you need help finding a shop near you.

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