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Mi primo Mark Peterson shared a photo of his champagne moonlander from Ogden, Utah
Mark Peterson sent in a photo of his champagne moonlander from Ogden, Utah

Coming Attractions

Last week, Carl Battreall, Anchorage Filmmaker, and the man behind the 2009 documentary ‘Fat Bike’ that has now become an underground classic about the beginning of the whole fat bike movement, contacted us about his film. Carl asked if we could host ‘Fat Bike’ and invite the fat-bike community to view it for free, so we can all get in touch with our fatty roots. The film is 26 minutes long and extraordinarily well done. We’re honored that Carl chose us to host this important piece of fat-bike history. Get your popcorn ready because our Premier of Carl’s Film – ‘Fat Bike’ will take place on FBC’s Monday Night at the Movies at 7:00 PM CDST on October 7th, 2013.

Your weekly News Digest of Fat Happ’s – Fat Irish Enduro! – Aussie GFBD Recon – Spectacular! – Training Camp – Get Ready 4 Adventure – 29+ – Hombre en Fuego

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  1. Wow! is amazing!

    Any ideas on where i can get a hold of the fat bike documentary outside the US? I really would like to watch it.

    • You should be able to view Fat Bike anywhere that has an internet connection after we release it on Monday!

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