Oveja Negra MM2-SSB Frame Bag – Long Term Review


Last January we introduced you to the Oveja Negra – Moonlander Mission 2 – Space Suit Bag (MM2-SSB/ON) that was custom crafted to fit my moonlander, Thparkle, in Leadville, Colorado. After 10 months of ‘life in the fat lane’, we’re going to take a look at how the MM2-SSB/ON has held up over the long haul. I’ve not only used my frame bag on my moonlander, but I also found that it fit on our Krampus. The custom made MM2 has delivered ten months of beach, singletrack, uban and gravel rides without a single hicup. Let’s start out with a few shots of the two bikes, Thparkle and Silver, rock’n the MM2 – Winter, Spring Summer and Fall

Dillinger on Ice

Winter – on a frozen pond, testing studded Dillingers

side shot rollercoaster

Spring – Fatpacking at Kettle

Spring (again) – Strapped onto the Krampus


Summer? – Foul Weather Beach Riding


Last weekend in Manistee, Michigan (Fall) {Autumn}

It wasn’t difficult for me to find pictures of my bikes wearing this pack. I rarely ride without it. Snacks, water, jackets, the occasional brewski and the ever present camera(s)  all find a home in this frame pack. This pack has performed admirably and has earned a full five gnome rating! Take a look at these shots of the pack taken right off of my bike and shot up close. Pretty darn tough to beat!


Click any of the photos to enlarge and inspect the MM2. This bag is like that dude you knew in college that could keg stand and keep his hair in place and his shirt nice and pressed.


My frame bag has 5 things stuffed in it, that I left in there from last Sunday’s beach ride. Who wants to take a stab at naming all five items?


Oveja Negra makes a complete line of backpacking bags. The bag that you see in the seasonal photos above, that rides just behind the stem, is an Oveja Negra Snack Pack. That’s where I carry my Camera and sometimes candy. That thing has had constant use and abuse on all of the different bikes that I’ve ridden or tested in the past sixteen months and it’s still going strong. When one of my closest riding buds asked what kind of frame bag to get for he and his wife, I sent them to Lane and Monty at Oveja Negra. My amigo, Ox, chose all black for his Necromancer and his wife, Sandy, opted for the new Oveja Negra color option – stormtrooper white – for her snow-white pugsley’s frame bag. I think that sums up how highly we think of our experience with the goods and services from Oveja Negra Threadworks….we recommend them to our mejores amigos!

You can find more information about Oveja Negra Threadworks at – http://www.ovejanegrathreadworks.com – or visit them in Leadville Colorado at their Retail Workshop.

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  1. Super happy with the ON 1/2 pack that’s been on my bikes for a year now. Full frame bag and more to be ordered soon for my Moonie. What pogies are those in the top photo?

  2. Hello from across the pond i would love a Moonlander patch and im liking the FatBike.com Patch, they would look great on my Surly frame bag. Im having real trouble finding them to buy, many thanks Tris U.K

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