Weekly Dose of Fat – 11-22-2013

lakehouse 3-13 109 copyThe opening day of Deer Gun Season is upon us. This time of year, we recommend that you rock the blaze orange, when you’re going to ride in an area that is open to hunting. You can pick up an inexpensive vest at most sporting goods chains, to wear over your regular cycling clothes. Visit your state or province’s Department of Natural Resource’s web-site to learn when deer or elk gun season happens in your region. For example – Michigan opened last week and Wisconsin starts tomorrow. I avoid dawn and dusk rides, because those are prime times for hunters to get a chance to get some food for the freezer. There’s plenty of room for everyone out there, as long as, we can all be seen, so please play it safe. One of our fave fat-bike activities during this wet and grey part of the year is beach riding. That’s why we declared November, Fat-Bike Beach Ride Month. This time of year, the beach is deserted and the scenery can be incredible. If you’re in or near Milwaukee this weekend, join us for a little something we call a Beach Hullabelöeaux and don’t forget to bring an extra pair of socks….maybe a thermos of hot tea or some fire water.

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Global Fat-bike Day Events – December 7th, 2013 Boise, Idaho – MPLS, Minnesota – DC Area (DC-MD-VA-etc.) – Long Island, New York – Kingston, NY – Southern Wisconsin – Quad Cities (IA/IL) – Northeast Wisconsin – Western Michigan – Bend, OR – Dorset-UK – Ontario, Canada – Utah

Don’t see your’s? Do you know of a Global Fat-bike Event that is missing from our list? Shoot me a note to and we’ll get it added next week.

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