Weekly Dose of Fat – 11-29-13


weekly-dose-tatankaOne week from tomorrow is what promises to be the biggest day for fat-bikes, maybe ever! Check below to see if there is a ride in your area that you can join. If there isn’t one, consider getting a group together and do your own! We will have one final list of events that we’ve heard of on next week’s Weekly Dose. Be a part of something BIG!

This week’s Links – Sven and Puck get come local press. – French story about fat-biking. – First beach ride for Dad. – Imperial Fat-bike Rider’s Group season opener. – Cycling Barnes Ness, Scotland. – 2014 Midwest Fat-bike Summit – Fat-bike Access and Grooming Workshop. – Jill rides Snoots – Old trails on an old Pug. – Why Fat-bike could be for you! Like we don’t already know! – Same Old = Happy. – Another take on the Same Old theme. – Nice Rack! – Moots FrosTi coming in a 190mm 5” Version. – Another South Pole biking attempt. This time on a Fat-bike Trike! – COGGS 2nd Annual Duluth Fat-bike Weekend. – freedom ride – Lakeshore Ride – Luddite Musings – care and feeding for your wolf or cat’s zipper

Global Fat-bike Day Events – December 7th, 2013 Boise, Idaho – MPLS, Minnesota – DC Area (DC-MD-VA-etc.) – Long Island, New York – Kingston, NY – Southern Wisconsin – Quad Cities (IA/IL) – Northeast Wisconsin – Western Michigan – Bend, OR – Dorset-UK – Ontario, Canada – Utah – East Lothian, Scotland – Denver, Colorado – Manistee, MI – Anchorage, AK – Central WI – Verona, Italy – Prince Edward Island, CA – Des Moines, IA – * Have to be a Fat bike Iowa group member to view. – Ann Arbor, MI

Winnipeg, CA Event Bible in PDF format! Check it if you are in the area. – Winnipeg, CA – Brisbane, Australia


Don’t see your’s? Do you know of a Global Fat-bike Event that is missing from our list? Shoot me a note to and we’ll get it added next week.

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  1. Mark Peterson November 29, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

    I love how many new GFBD events there are this year!

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