Fat Foto Friday – Duluth Ice Shelf

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Pat Murphy of Pedal Minnesota sent us this shot that was taken at Park Point outside of Duluth on Lake Superior last week by Hansi Johnson. Pat told us that ‘Hansi was standing on 10-ft ladder in the lake to get some of these shots’. The lone rider in the shot is Casey Krueger riding a Salsa Cycles Carbon Beargrease. In addition to being an incredibly gifted photographer and ardent woodsman, Hansi is our regional trail advocacy superstar. Hansi will be hosting IMBA’s Midwest Fat Bike Access and Grooming Workshop in Cable Wisconsin, coming up in January. You can follow Hansi and see additional stunning, color photos from the same morning at – http://universalklister.blogspot.com/

Friday Fat-Stoke….Engaged!

Have you ever pondered the potential of your own personal power to provide fat-bike stokage? Has a long bearded, wise man ever told you that ‘the stoke’ runs strong with your family? Have you ever strayed down the path of the fat-side? Don’t be shy….send some of that stoke to your uncle gomez@fat-bike.com  and we’ll put it out on the interwebz.


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  1. Love the shot of an area we call our second home – the North Shore.
    Gonna have to rent me a fat bike some day to get the experience.

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