The Weekly Dose of Fat – 12/13/2013 – Friday the 13th Special Edition

weekly-dose-079Race Season Kicks into gear this weekend and we’re enjoying some good old fashioned winter, whip and chill, like we used to have when we were kids. Global Fat-Bike Day’s sophomore year blossomed into something incredibly widespread and spectacular! (thanks to all of you!) The number of group rides nearly tripled, this year and so many of you sent Sven pictures and video, that it blew up his inbox! He’s compiled several volumes of fat-bike good times and shared many of the ride reports, in our weekly news digest contained in the links below. So far it looks like the Farmer’s Almanac was right about this winter, which makes all of us at the fat dash bike dot com home office, along with our network of bike black ribbon test pilots across the country, happy as clams! I’m so glad you mentioned test pilots, because we have lots of new gear in our testing Queue! We have both the Borealis and Hed carbon rims in the test kitchen along with 45NRTH’s Cobrafist/Beargraven/Wölvhammer/Merino baselayer/Greasy Cap testing. Tire testing is ongoing with Sterlings and Snowshoes, plus we have a couple more bikes that we’ll be testing from Aluboo and Fatback in the near future. On top of all of that…..we’re working out the details on a contest, where one of our lucky readers will win a set of Hed Carbon Wheels. So drop by for more fat-bike funskis next week……same fat time……same fat web-zine!

The News – freedom ride – race’n and chase’n – the four seasons – 22 / 29+ – RACE SATURDAY (WI) – RACE SUNDAY! (MI) – freedom machines – Norway Fatness – Fat-Bike Racing comes to Sweden – New Blood – Gordo es Guapo – Fat-biking in Anza-Borrego State Park, CA  -Dave’s 29+ with racks – Beach Frolic in Greece – Four inches of fun – Bob gets out in the snow – Pimp your Pug – You’ll see fat-bikes here

Global Fat-bike Day Reports – Toni in Finland – Scotland – Singlespeed Pirate – Flickr Album from NE Wisconsin Gathering – GFBD Vide – Adelaide, South Australia – Winnipeg, CA Report

Cold Rolled – Cold Rolled – Chapter 1 came out last Saturday – Cold Rolled – Chapter 2 comes out tomorrow


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