Fat Video Tuesday – Oslo Snow

Snorre Mossing sent us this video from Norway. It seems that Scandinavia is having a sparse snow season, like we’ve had in the mid-west every now and again. This is what Snorre had to share about his clip.

Finally the snow came to Oslo. I had a 4 week Christmas vacation in Florida, so I didn’t mind actually ;). Yesterday I had my 3rd ride on snow in 2014. And this time I took my time to shoot some video. The trial is my favorite summer trail and in winter, hikers and dog walkers, on foot, use the trail a lot, so it’s a very nice ride.

 Do you have a fire in your loins for fat-bikes?

Maybe see a doctor about that and then send us some video of you and your mates, getting up to ‘no good’ – fat-bike style. Send a link to your hosted video to uncle

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  1. chuck bird January 28, 2014 at 8:13 pm #

    That was superb. Thanks for the effort! What a beautiful place.

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