Foto Gordo ♦ Otis en el Lago de Powers

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After much contemplation and the helpful suggestions from friends and readers, I’ve decided to name my new Fatback 190, Otis, after Otis Sistrunk. Otis was one of my favorite players from the 70’s Oakland Raiders teams, when I was growing up. Plus Otis was the town drunk from the Andy Griffith show. So this week we present Otis, laid out on the frozen surface of one of the many lakes that dot the map around this part of the country. With sunset coming around 4 o’clock in the afternoon in December, a few of my afternoon rides have taken me into the twilight zone. This is a shot that I took out on Powers Lake in Westosha, where I live and ply my trade as a gnome roper and fat bike story teller. A big part of those stories include photographs. I very rarely throw my leg over a bike without my shooting iron. That’s what I call my Lumix DMC-LX5 camera. Does that seem weird? I think that I’ve always rode bikes to explore beautiful landscapes and fat-bikes have taken that part of cycling to whole new level for me over the past several years. How many of our readers scarcely ever ride without a camera and what kind of shoot’n iron are you pack’n?

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  1. I have a handlebar mount for my iPhone which serves double duty as camera and GPS mapping/navigation (I don’t use the “telephone” part much) and a juice-pack in the gas can to keep it running in the cold. They say the best camera you have is the one you have with you!

    But I’ll carry a Nikon P7700 if I’m going out “on a mission” and need something with control for the creative stuff.

    I learned the lesson a long time ago … always have SOMETHING on you. The best moments with your bike and buds almost always come at unexpected times.

    Be ready!

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