New Product Spotlight – Ventana Gordo


We interviewed, Sherwood Gibson, co-founder of Ventana Mountain Bikes USA, last week about their entry into the fat-bike market and el bici gordo, neuevo. I started by complimenting him on the name that they had chosen for their bike. This is not the first Ventana model that carries a latin name, but los bicis gordas esta es una nombre, mui fantastico!. The frame is made from 6061 Aluminum and an 18″ frame weighs in at four and a half pounds, according to Ventana. The frame comes in either a 4″ compatible, 170mm or a 4.8″ compatible, 190mm rear spacing, built around a 483 mm – A/C fork. Sherwood shared with me that “he wanted the Gordo to be a Swiss Army Knife style all-conditions fat-bike”. The Gordo comes in carbon black and mango tango (above) powdercoat or upgrade to matte raw aluminum. The MSRP for the Gordo frame is $1,150.

(click to enlarge)

Sherwood also shared that Ventana would be looking into bringing their expertise in tandems to the fat-bike and 29+ market very soon! Check out Ventana’s web-site and imagine a pair of fat-bike wheels fitted to one of their El Conquistador tandems! – Go to for more information about Ventana.


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  1. Ventana tandems (ECdM) are the tops in the full-suspended tandem MTB market. Our’s is lovingly known as “The Grinch”. Yeah … it’s green.

    I told my stoker that if Sherwood ever produces a fat version, I’m all over it.
    But I’d settle for the Gordo while I wait! 😀

    Here we go!

  2. Awesome! Ventana makes sweet frames! I love the singlespeed/geared hanger (the reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on a carbon)

  3. Is this frame belt drive compatible? It looks like the frame might have a split near the dropouts.

  4. What are the chances of them making a FS frame? They’ve got a great rear triangle that they sell to other builders, so they are definitely progressive in their thinking.

    Give me 100m travel with 170mm hub and I’d sell all my other bikes. Don’t sweat the fork like the other brands, we’ll figure that part out.

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