Tom’s Arrowhead Diary – Part 2

This is a continuation of our Amigo’s sitreps from the Arrowhead 135. You can read part 1 here –

Still Day 2 (the day before the race) – 

Went for our final equipment check. I ride to this spot rvery year. The pogies are nice. The little storage pockets hold stuff that I grab along the way.  Lip balm, gummy worms and warmers. I really don’t think I’ll need warmers until it gets much colder.

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Hands stay warm and dry. I was worried about two things hand clutter and sleeve push. Hand clutter is where hands get messed up with the lining. Sleeve push is where you can’t get the poagie up past your cuff and you get some wrist freeze.    So far ok…

This is the time it gets tough. I am writing this before I go to sleep.

Bike is loaded and done. I broke a zipper on my frame bag which is 4 years old and spent two years in Milwaukee salt filled winter. Good thing I have something to close it. Just wont be easy to open

image (3)

Started the day with a little predawn ride to the caution sign four miles up the trail. Knees and legs felt good. Feet were good. Poagies were super and I mean it. Lights checked out. Tires – Too much air. Had to reduce to one wrinkle in the side wall. You can’t measure air pressure in these events. You ride and feel it and then reduce it to where you get the best traction in the snow. Obviously don’t ride too far to the side of the trail….or you will sink in up to your hips.

Went to Church. Very important to me to know God is somehow around to help. At temps -28 at the start and two days of sub zero temps, one has to know, there is a higher power somewhere being entertained by all this.

More clothing to check then lunch at the Chocolate Moose. We met Craig from Oregon – a first time runner. He was walking so we gave him a ride.

Back to the hotel and more packing. Mostly taking things out and minimizing weight.

Then the manditory meeting where they give away prizes. There is no end to the race event so they do it up front. I won Carbon handlebars and some skewers. First time in four years. My Canadian riding buddy  won a Moonlander!

OK…the state is closing down tomorrow because of weather and we are riding bicycles.

God Bless us all!

Day 3 – Race Day – 5:00 AM

Bitter cold with wind.  Layering cloths and making last minute decisions.


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    Can’t find part 3 anywhere!

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