Weekly Dose of Fat and Gallery – 1-24-14

Mike O's Pug in silent repose along a secluded river near Chicago.

Mike O’s Pug in silent repose along a secluded river near Chicago.

Sooo…what’s happening? Well, the Global Fatbike Summit is in session even as we speak in Ogden, UT and our man with a plan, Mark Peterson is on the ground, hopefully still upright, covering the goings on. Look for updates coming soon.

The 50K World Championship Snow Bike Race is happening up there in Michigan.

The Arrowhead 135 kicks off on Monday with a 7AM start. You can follow the progress of the racers here.

If you are in the MKE area a group of the Bike Black Ribbon Test Crew will be doing a little urban assault ride on Downtown Milwaukee on Sunday. The Church of 2 Wheels will be in session!

We have that Gallery thing going on again at the bottom of the page. Send in your shots! – Fat Bike UK Championships – Freedom Ride Crossing Liwa – Catfish Cup Recap – Nate gets Studs – This Looks Fun! – Another Freedom Ride – Q – Left Coast Fat – Secret Divide – Sneak Attack – Homer Fest – Berd is the Werd – Sisterhood Research – Magura Fat-fork DIY project. (Kinda!) – New Biking Record to the South Pole! – Building the ultimate winter commuter – There’s a few fat-bikes in there – Winter arrives for Toni in Finland″-wheel-set-boxfirst-impressions/ – Velocity Dually First Impressions – Greg gets quoted – More awesome conditions in Finland! – Frozen Fat Report Day 1 – Frozen Fat Report Day 2 – Frozen Fat Report Day 3

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