2014 ITI Leader Photos by Adam Miller

There are currently three riders that have broken away and are on a record breaking pace at the Iditirod Trail Invitational. Tim Berntson, Kevin Breitenbach and Alec Petro are in the lead pack with Pete Basinger and Francis Lambert about two hours back from the three leaders. Alaskan native, Adam Miller from Borealis Bikes has been sending us photos and insights to share with our readers.


Lead Breakaway (L-R) Alec, Kevin, Tim


The lead 3 in the Rainy Pass checkpoint, mile 165.


Tim Bernston ready to roll out.


The lead trio.

DSCN1217KB kicking up some powder.

DSCN1264The Leaders from the Air – Tim out front followed by Kevin and Alec.

You can follow along with the riders times by visiting – ITI Leader Board

For more information about the ITI visit – http://iditarodtrailinvitational.com/

Thanks to Adam from Borealis for sending us photos from the race!

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