Fat Dillinger – Spy Shots!

Fatter Escalator Spy Shot launched all drones and dispatched every asset available, to capture these spy shots of 45NRTH’s five inch Dillinger tire. This is the tire that BkB pilot, brother Jesse LaLonde, rode to victory in the Fatbike Frozen Forty┬átoday in Minnesota. The new ‘fattest of fat’ Dillinger is mounted to an I-9 /Hed Big Deal wheel that Jesse is also testing. Our main man, Michael McColgan took these shots after today’s race.

photo 4

We mentioned that we’d have cool stuff to show you guys this week and we weren’t just whistling Dixie! But you’re going to have to wait to find out any more real quantitative data on this sweet new tire for another few days. I will tell you this….When I was in Anchorage, I saw more people running this 45NRTH tread pattern than any other tire….and now it’s going to be available to compliment all of the next-gen fat-bikes that have been designed to handle, 4.7″ tires mounted on 100mm rims. I can’t wait to give these new sneakers a try!

Stay tuned amigos – There’s more to come!

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