Fat (video) Tuesday ♦ Winter Flow from Norway

Snorre Mossing Sent us another great video from Norway featuring some roller coaster sections of trail near his home in Oslo. Here’s what Snorre had to share about his clip.

I found fatbike gold, a little by accident – one of my favorite trails runs close to Tryvann Ski Resort, which is a bikepark in summer. The resort is located just outside of Oslo’s inner city – about 30 minutes via the metro (also perfect for gaining a couple of hundred meters of elevation for riding, summer and/or winter). Some of the downhill trails run in the woods by the ski slopes. The kids use them for skiing – grooming them perfectly for Fatbikes! Perf traction and fun running through the berms. Now we just have to convince the resort owners to allow fat bikes in the winter. Hope you enjoy the video. We haven’t seen the sun for several weeks here, so the shooting light is a little poor. Have to do some more shooting when the sun finds its way back to Oslo!

Thanks for sharing your local honey hole with us Snorre! We love sharing fat-bike fun so if you have a clip from your local fat-bike trail, send it along to uncle gomez@fat-bike.com .

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  1. Awesome video, the fat bikes look like so much fun. I want a fat bike so bad but I’m just a poor American soldier. I guess I’ll just have to save up for a few years, lol. Until then I’ll just keep enjoying awesome videos like this one. Thanks fat-bike.com

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